Halle Berry, Hallelujah: Fiance Reveals The Sex Of Halle Berry’s Baby

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Olivier Martinez confirms he and fiancée Halle Berry will welcome a son later this year.

The 47-year-old French actor and the 46-year-old American actress announced they were expecting a child earlier this year.

Olivier  who previously dated Kylie Minogue is excited about the new arrival and he revealed what country their boy will grow up in.

“My son will be an American, but I remain French,” Olivier told People magazine at the opening night of the Champs-Elysées Film Festival in Paris.

While at the event, Olivier noted the differences between journalistic culture in France and America.

The star was intrigued by how the press line contrasted along the red carpet in both countries.

He and Halle have largely guarded their personal lives from the media. Halle engaged in a family court battle in 2012 with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry over their five-year-old daughter Nahla. She requested permission to move to France with the child to escape Los Angeles’ paparazzi culture.

Halle ultimately lost the case and the family remains in California.

Olivier embraces American culture and is looking forward to his future there.

“It’s not the first [red carpet], not the last [I’ve been on],” he smiled. “It’s part of the job. I’m French – it’s less important. Meaning, I remain a Frenchman in America, but I adapt to American culture. I feel good there – but I’m still a foreigner.

“My son will be an American.”

Halle opened up about her custody battle last year. She insisted she never wanted to remove Gabriel from Nahla’s life.

“We both know a child needs both her parents,” she told US television programme Extra. “But what I want to say about it is sometimes, as a couple, you reach an impasse. We needed a court and a judge to help us work out some of the delicate issues, and I’m so happy we’ve arrived at that place.”

Halle and Gabriel split in 2010 after five years together.

She began dating Olivier later that year and the couple became engaged in March.

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