Guys, here are eight things you’d regret doing with your woman

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It’s fun when in a relationship, both of you love the same things and do some really intense things together.

But those things might have more downsides than you think and might eventually lead to the end of that relationship.

Here are the things that guys need not do with their women if they want the relationship to last.

1. Visiting the gynaecologist with her: this is a very sensitive topic and honestly if you’re married, then go all the way with her. But if you’re not married and you just got into a relationship with this woman and she asks that you go with her to her gynaecologist, you might want to give this a serious thought. This is because when you get into the ward with her, the gynaecologist would ask her really personal questions about her down there, if he realises you are her boyfriend then he might probe you too, trying to get clearer answers knowing you know the place more than him. Now, if you discuss “the place” medically with the doctor, you might never see it the same way again. It becomes less of a sexy place and more of an organ you know so much biology about.

2. Never crash her girls’ time out: so they are having a girls’ time out and this time it is your woman hosting them. Since she’s at yours, she decides to bring them in and then because you are around, you think it’ll be okay to hang with them while they discuss everything.

This is a bad idea. She won’t like it and might not mention it. She’d prefer you let her be with her girls and be free with them and they would honestly prefer it too.

So yeah, you can buy the drinks and the small chops or whatever, but stay away.

3. Friends with your ex: You are still friends with your ex because she’s a very nice person and you just think it’s mature for you both to remain friends rather than enemies. You then believe for some reason that your woman would love her and introduce them. Either of two things will happen. Your woman either hates her and vice versa (this is the more likely option), leaving you with a big problem on your hands or your woman loves her and vice versa and they become good friends and discuss everything. EVERYTHING that might include things you’d rather they don’t, which leaves you with an even bigger problem.

You might want to leave your ex where she should be, your past and face your future, your woman.

4. Analysing other women: never be tricked into the “do you think she’s pretty” conversation by your woman. Whether the woman is someone you both know or a celebrity. She would most likely listen to how you discuss this other woman and relate it to her thereby having insecurities stem up.

5. Getting inked: maybe you are both so in love with each other and you have both decided to get tatted with the same images or each other’s name. Or maybe you just use each other’s pet names or initials.

That might be a very silly move. This is because once you’re not married, the chances of breaking up are higher and what happens when you’re without her but with the tattoo? This gets funnier if you’ve got her name or face tatted on you. How would your next spouse feel about it?

If you know you love this woman so much and can’t do without her then marry her. At least do that before dragging her to the tattoo parlour to get inked with each other’s God knows what.

6. Arguing in front of friends or family: you’d hate yourself for this when it’s over. Whoever started it, find a way to end it. Sometimes women can’t control themselves or the way they act in public but as a man, you should be able to end it before it gets out of control.

If you let your pride get in the way and you tell yourself “what does she think she’s doing talking to a man like that…” Then you are making the situation worse and giving your relationship a very bad outlook.

Don’t ever argue in front of other people. At least patch it up till you are alone.

7. Recording a sex tape: this is never a good idea. If the relationship ends, a lot of bad things might happen and leave you both wishing you never got frisky enough to turn on the camera. Even if the relationship doesn’t end, the video might get into the wrong hands. You might believe you will take good care of it but what happens when there’s a mistake? Or when a third party suddenly finds it?

Think about this very well if you must do it.

8. Sexual fantasies: as a man you’ve got your fantasies and they include a threesome or some other intense sexual action. Before you take the step of making your woman partake in it, think about it deeply. Because she just might do it just to please you and hate herself for it after. Even if she says she’s okay with it, watch her carefully, listen to her needs and be sure she wants to really do this thing. Your relationship should be more important than a sexual fantasy.



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