Get Familiar: Glenn – Orekelewa

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After the success of his previous single “Movement” that rocked the airwaves both home and abroad, Phoenix Entertainment’s contemporary artiste Glenn Mena releases another song.

He titles this one “Orekelewa” specially dedicated to the beautiful ladies out there. The beat of “Orekelewa” is a cover from a David Guetta classic. Funny how Glenn repeated that one word almost throughout the song but strinkingly found a way of making it sound so interesting by switching his notes as the beat progressed.

It is a Techno-house genre but in a cunning way has a danceable feel. You should listen to it. The ladies are loving it already.


  Glenn - Orekelewa (3.3 MiB, 2,177 hits)



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  1. Huh?! He is just saying orekelewa orekelewa orekelewa orekelewa. Cute how he is saying it tho. Jeez

  2. Spectacular!!!! I noticed Glenn has a particular word he majors on in his songs. My guess is so people can easily grab and sing along. If I’m right then good tactics broff. This is a tune.

  3. Yaaay I love this song. Glenn always wows me. Cuuute dude. Nice performance at Pose dinner yesterday hun.

  4. If there is one thing this Glenn guy is known for, it is “Good music”.
    Kanye should kukuma sign him.

  5. Glenn my boy on Fifa 2013!!! If there’s one thing I’ll give to u…it’s the fact that u cn sing nigga!

  6. Dear Glenn, Your last single did so well but proper management is still in question. Your face which is obviously very sellable isn’t out there yet. Why is that? Your label has a lot of work to do…..but on your part, you’re killing us with crazy tunes. My advice..”Don’t stop”.
    Email me:

  7. Sarah you are right. Dude is very talented but underrated. Proper management is what is needed here. Only few arts are consistent with tunes like this. Way to go Glenn.

  8. My best part is the second verse.
    Girl u know u fine, I never see your kind, I never see your kind your kind. Feeling deep inside, happens every time, happens every time every time. Ma lo fi mi sile kan kan kan kan. *Goose pimples*

  9. So this is the guy that sang that movement song. he is too fine for movement jare. This one fits him.

  10. Glenn came to perform at the NYSC camp in Lagos last year batch when he released Movement. I have been a fan ever since.

  11. Dude, dis song is madt! How did you pull this off in an era where everyone’s boring us with the same pattern of song? U are indeed talented…

  12. I will always stress on delivery. If your delivery is good, I don’t care what u say. Perfect delivery Glenn. Nice one.

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