Former Contestant Throws Eggs At Simon Cowell During Live Final of Britain’s Got Talent (VIDEO)

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The woman who stormed the stage during the Britain’s Got Talent live final to egg Simon Cowell, has been named as violist Natalie Holt. The musician, who jumped onto the stage as brothers Richard and Adam were performing, appeared on the talent show in 2012, along with her band Raven Quartet. While it is not clear why Natalie decided to throw eggs at the judges, her band mates have said that they were not involved.

A tweet from the group feed read: ‘Just to clarify…. The other 3 of us were working elsewhere today and found out when you did.’ It seems that Natalie, a BAFTA-nominated composer wrote a blog post about her time on the talent show and it wasn’t too positive, but the post has since been removed from the website. A spokesperson for the show was unavailable for comment on Saturday. Amanda Holden spoke of her anger at the disruption Natalie’s appearance on stage caused and she branded her ‘a stupid cow’ The 42-year-old actress spoke of her anger after a woman ran to the front of the theatre to pelt the judges with eggs while brothers Richard and Adam were singing.

Simon had to remove his jacket and was left with yolk on his shirt following the attack, but he didn’t seem too fazed. While the egging occuring while the boys were singing Richard and Adam didn’t stop their performance and they were praised for being professional. Simon said he thought the woman was throwing sandwiches and it was part of the performance. He said: ‘I thought it was part of the act, I thought they were throwing sandwiches.’

The woman was named on Twitter as Natalie Holt, a violinist who performed at the Olympics last year. Natalie appeared on Britain’s Got Talent last year with her band Raven. But Simon quickly moved on from the incident and told the brothers: ‘I think you could win this competition after that.’

Alesha also spoke out about the egging during her review and she said: ‘I’m so sorry about what happened I’m so annoyed about that but you carried on.’ Jack Carroll was the next act to perform on stage and he used the opportunity to make a joke about the situation. He began: ‘Can I just say, I was going to run on and throw some eggs, so thanks for ruining that.’



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