Forget the DMs, check your Man

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Thanks to social media, we are at a point where relationships are now being “policed” on the internet.

Many women in the past have blamed the end of their relationships on social media. They claim that social media broke their relationship because it opened up a scenario where their men where placed in compromising positions and then gave room to sluts flirting with them…hold up, take a deep breath and listen…

Your man isn’t cheating on you or flirting with every girl because he is on facebook or twitter or instagram or keek or whatever, he is cheating because that is who he is, a cheat. Facebook or twitter or *insert the names of other social networking site* has only given him a platform to execute his real plans.

If he is cheating on facebook, chances are that he is cheating in real life.

Do not blame it on the platform through which he is executing his stupid plans, blame it on the man himself who has chosen to be a jerk.

Most women never seem to accept this and so they would rather waste their time stalking every girl who’s ever liked their man’s status or RT’ed his tweet or try and read his messages/inbox.

It is not twitter’s fault he decided to be who he is, it is entirely his fault.

Plus, a woman who trusts her man won’t stalk his page to find out who he’s flirting with anyway. She would handle the situation like a grown up and if he’s the cheating one anyway, his secrets would be out in the open sooner or later, social media or no social media.

So use the time you seem to have so much on your hands to study your man and know him and keep off his social media.



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