NOSTALGIC MOMENTS: For The Children born in the 80s and early 90s.

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Here’s to  ALL the 80s and 90s kids out there.  Here is to US!

 I know we are not allowed to do certain things anymore which includes celebrating Children’s day. Now, we get to go to work and go through the rigours of adulthood. But c’mon, we are someone’s child right?

Big part…We are God’s Children and we deserve some celebration regardless of the year we were born.

However for the kids born in the millennium era of year 2000 and above, what are you doing on the internet?LOOL

At the time I was growing up in Nigeria, our country was still much fun then if I do remember clearly, and I’m sure we could all do well to remember too. Silly things we believed, tales we were told just to scare us away from doing things our parents didn’t want us doing or get close to.

And so, Let the party begin…as I take you through some of the most nostalgic moments I went through as a child of this era.  You guys are free to contribute everything and anything you remember doing as a child so we can go down this memory lane together…


I remember playing catcher and bubble gum games with my friends in school.  

“Bubble gum bubble gum, how many bubble gums do you want?’’ the last person gets to be the one chasing after everybody and if he/she ends up touching you, it’s your turn.

I remember “ten ten’’

I remember singing.. ‘willy willy willy willy o…mumy in the kitchen cooking rice, daddy in the parlor watching film, children in the garden playing ball, so this is he end of the game,…change your style, another style…and stay still’’

I remember shaking my booty to.. ‘show me your best friend and show us your ikebe…hehe…gosh, we were so small, we would tighten our dress close to our butt and shake our asses. 

Like we had any..LMAO

I remember tinko tinko…’clapping your hands against your friends hands till it hurts..whoosh!!

I remember chopping mouth to songs I don’t know or forming them in my own accord.

I remember the silly stunts we pull to find out who just  farted.

I remember the 50kobo chewing gum and bubble gums that had wrappers which contained riddles in them…BAZOOKA JOE.  

I remember the biscuits we ate..Oyakaka, pako biscuit, okin shortcake and round shaped, robo robo biscuit, five naira could buy so many things that time.

School times were exciting…you get to go to the playground and run to the swing, or you get to play ten ten or catcher before the bell rang.

I remember NITEL and NEPA, though the latter still exists though. You could spend hours on the phone with your friends but just make sure nobody has picked the other phone that is connected to it.

I remember kuli kuli, coconut biscuit, speedy, assorted biscuits were like “out of this world” that time.

I remember pulling my socks so long it got to my knees. Just because I could  ;)


I remember the cool adverts on TV. Does anybody remember the coolest coke advert where the girl sings “I am the future of the world, I am the hope of my nation, I am tomorrow’s people, I am the new inspiration…etc’’

Who remembers OMO Super blue OMO…washes even brighter than it shows.

The days of Checkmate with Richard Mofe-Damijo and Ego Boyo or Legacy, and Spanish telenovas  e.g Maria de los angeles, The Rich also cry, Lady of the Rose, Wild rose, Moonlighting, Santa Barbara, Secrets of the Sand, No one but you, Isaura the slave girl. I still remember the songs oo.. :) , but I can chop mouth sha.

Fresh prince of Bel air, Bill Cosby, Abc’s Passions, My wife and Kids, the Parkers, One world.

I still remember the horror movies we watched and the Mount Zion movies…Agbara nla!

Those indian films we watched and mimicked dance steps while chopping mouth.

Baba Suwe and Baba Sala and their comedic turns in movies.  

Who remembers Tales by moonlight on Sunday by 6pm or Fred Amata in Behind The Clouds, Ramsey Nouah and Regina Askia in Fortunes with Liz Benson. 

We were so oblivious to stuffs like DSTV that time but we were content with out local stations. We didn’t have cell phones at our age and when SIM packs came out, the prices were like 20k etc.

NTA  2 channel 5 was the bomb that time. they practically kept us entertained with stuffs like:

Telematch; Telenovas by 10; Boring news by 9

Kiddi vidi 101.. I remember this one clearly because my siblings and I argued about Denrele being a guy or a girl.  

Sunday Sunday by Frank Olize

DBN’s Nguuight shift.. that song by the Commodores.  Night shift kept us awake ehn. You have to keep calling to vote for your favorite movie and just pray the callers vote for the movie you want if NITEL wasn’t co-operating with you that night.

Do you remember all those action films that there’s boss and actor, and the actor never dies. The actor’s bullet never finishes and he gets to kill 500 people and no bullet touches him…Rambo and Commando by Slyvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger respectively.  


I remember the old skool songs and our running man dance steps. MC hammer, Boney M, Abba, Ebenezer Obe, Onyeka onwenu..hehe..

Mike Okri’s “hear your mama, hear your papa, life go better for you”

Essien’s Omo mi seun rere ti e dara o”

Blacky’s “Can i have a dance, rosy ahnn…etc..”

We were kids, we didn’t have responsibilities at that time. all we did was watch TV, eat, have fun and sleep.

But now, we’re adults and everything’s changed. Don’t know what’s happening to kids these days. Well I am an adult and I hate to sound like Peter Pan cos He’s fictional as well.

And so, let’s raise our glasses to our years as kids, the friends we had, the fun we shared and the times we ran to the Television whenever it was time for our favorite shows.

It can never be the same again, no doubt. And that’s why they are called Memories!

SO be sweet and FUN enough to share your childhood memories in the box below and do invite others to join in the fun.

Much love, xo :*

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P.s: Who remembers Limca,..singing..”everybody join together..lemon n lime limca…shakes booty and runs off.

And don’t forget Tandi, GoldSpot, the zing thing.. ;)

Dupe T

Dupe T

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  1. i love this post….i remember the first time i was allowed to weave my hair with “attachment”..(chrismas time only o)..and then competing with my friends to know who was best at doing the MC hammer “running man”….present day kids are so lucky they dont have to wear those ball dresses with the horribly itchy net under…i still miss my childhood.

    1. yea…me too i like my post. loool…my friends shared their nostalgic moments with me on my blog and i thought i would cry….childhood in the 80s and 90s was just so much fun!!!

    1. i still bought that one in shoprite like two years back of my friends used to come to my room in uni that time bcos of her love fr choco milo

  2. Ohhh!!! I remember all these things and even more. Then we were so content with socialising. We didn’t need to be entertained in fast food joints to be happy. I wish tales by moonlight could still come back. Kids these days don’t get to hear folk tales any more. We had a lot going for us. My daughter can’t believe it when I tell her all the fun I had when I was her age.

    1. yes ooo..we didnt need fast food joints at all to be happy. stuffs like that came up during some sort of biggg celebration like easter or something…kids of these days are learning something else..missing out on the fun
      thanks amaka for sharing with us

  3. u forgot to mention rubber band game, where u throw rubber bands n if u win, u go home with more than 50 rubber bands in ur hand

    1. heyyy!!! how can i forget…i even remember the theme song sef..the guy who sleeps with his gun and bathes with his me! i know what i’m doing

  4. OMG!! those were the days – u forgot to mention 3 of the biggest party hits then: stevie wonder’s – happy birthday to u, evi edna’s ‘ooooh yeah,i wish u hapi baiday’ and the unforgettable SSP- ‘ese o, ese o!’ lol!!

    1. yemmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….taaaa…did you grow up in my neighbourhood?!!!! you’re the only one who remembers these hit songs ooo…heheheh!!! pls tell me how can i forget…ooh yea…i wish u hapi birthday…
      SHina Peter tinz….ese oo…ese oo..LOOL
      thanks for the contribution..xo

  5. It was really fun way back……I remember then buying bread with 1naira coin n using d old Blue band or Planta…….playing police n thief,d Baba sala bournvita,using Bic or Elegancer biros,waiting 4 news line @9pm etc

    1. yea!!!!things were so cheap then..i remember planta..and those biros..eleganza and bic
      Newsline…yea!! i remember that clearly…:) thanks banky for the additional nostalgia

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