Fast & Very Furious: Ludacris Attacked In Nightclub, Fights Back (VIDEO)

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Reports allege that on Friday evening (June 14), popular rapper Ludacris was violently attacked at a private Atlanta nightclub.

A man allegedly walked up to Luda and smashed him in the head with a Louis XIV bottle… and it was all caught on tape. According to, the “What’s Your Fantasy” rapper owed the guy money over some music beats. After the initial shock of the blow, the “Fast and Furious” actor fought back and threw some punches of his own before security stepped in.

Ludacris was walking with his security when the attack occurred. In the clip, fans can see Luda slamming brutal hits on the guy as a large crowd gathers. According to MTO, the attacker came out of nowhere and busted the rapper with a bottle. Luda quickly reacted and fought back before bodyguards and bystanders pulled them apart. Ludacris got some good hits in before the fight was broken-up…

Still no word on whether or not Luda was seriously injured.

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