Did Billionaire Mike Adenuga pay N200M for his burial spot?

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In a country where one of the least secure places are places where those who have slept in eternity lie, it is not only worrisome to have a nice resting place, but an assured resting place. We all hope that when we must leave this life, mother earth will honor our eternal resting spot and save us from being hacked away to have someone replace us in our stead. Most Nigerian graveyards have landlords who get tenants kicked out for no reason. In order to avert that, telecoms billionaire and business mogul, Otunba Mike Adenuga is reported to have secured a N200M burial spot at theVaults and Garden, an ultra modern cemetery in Ikoyi, Lagos, situated beside Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria.

An exclusive report from e-mag reveals:

Recently when we visited, billionaire mogul and Globacom boss, Dr. Mike Adenuga’s sister, Mrs. Esther Osunade, had one to herself. The woman who was born in 1938 died in 2009 and according to sources, her grave ranks among the few most expensive ones even in that reserved corner. As we were told, Mike Adenuga did not spare anything as a man of class, he allegedly paid whopping N200million to secure the space for his sister. Her next door neighbor in this exclusive section is Gboyega, son of another super rich man, Otunba Adekunle Ojora and his fashionable wife, Ojuolape. Gbegi, like he was popularly known, was born in 1960 and died in 2011. Right next to him is one of the founders of GT Bank, Tayo Aderinokun. His final resting place is not only very wondrously decorated, but also boasts of his two giant photographs, smiling on those that are still living. 

Before the trio, however, is that of a true man of God, like it is dubbed inside the cemetery – the final resting place of former Redeemed Christian Church of God minister, Pastor Eskor Mfon. Born in 1953, he died in 2007. A photographer who accompanied us to the cemetery described it as one of the most expensive in the world – and we couldn’t agree less.

In a city like Lagos where hustle and bustle continues to grow muscle till you drop, when you are finally laid to rest, you really want to rest. You want to be sure that when you rest no one will find your fingers amusing, or decide that your head still had riches unused. You want to be certain your grandchildren can meander through several rectangular spots, decorated with flowers and beautifully-versed epitaphs, to find your grave. You want them to smile when their parents spoke about  about you in deep respect and talked about your many achievements as a parent and as a philanthropist. If you really want to rest with the rich, you want to be Mike Adenuga.


Source: MyeMag

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  1. Its Good to be Rich, but this called a wate of money, if the money z too much for him, Then he should start donating for the ones that don’t have… Ojb need 15M to save is life and u wanna buy a berial space for 20m….. SMH

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