Between Life and Death: Nik Wallenda walked 1500ft above the Grand Canyon on Tightrope (Video)

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You could feel the world pause for 23 minutes to watch daredevil Nik Wallender walk on a razor-thin tightrope  a quarter-mile across the Little Colorado River Gorge near the Grand Canyon on June 23. He is now regarded the first person to ever complete the high-flying act  (even without wearing a harness).

Nik stayed calm as he carefully put one foot in front of the other, barely resembling a man who was standing on a two-inch-thick steel cable 1,500 feet above the ground (for a comparison, the Empire  Building is 1,454 feet tall).

Ten minutes through the walk, Nik maintained his composure, even as he begged and begged God to slow down the wind and calm the cable. As time went on, our nerves only intensified. And even though Nik appeared focused, he had to have felt the pressure of being in that situation for that long.

As the gusts continued to blow, Nik continued to move forward. And slowly but surely, inch by inch, Nik managed to make it across the nearly 1,400-foot gap! He actually RAN to finish line!

Segun Adekoye

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  1. After what he accomplished, you print his name as “Wallender”??????? Shamew on you for not getting his name correct in print; perhaps a review of “journalism 101”? The veey leastr he deserves after that is to have his name properly spelled (particuarly when it is a family of such acts!). How horrible of this article.

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