Benefits Of Dating Chris Brown: Rihanna Hits Troublesome Fan With Microphone (VIDEO)

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Rihanna’s relationship with Chris Brown may have yielded some benefits, as she used her microphone to stave off a troublesome fan.

The pop superstar was caught on camera violently lashing out after jumping down from the stage to perform up close to her fans.

In the video footage, the 25-year-old is seen singing into her microphone and greeting fans as she walks along the barrier containing the crowd.

But her mood suddenly changes when she appears to be manhandled, prompting Rihanna to turn around in anger and swing her mouthpiece at a member of the audience.

Her enraged reaction seemed to be triggered by someone who was grabbing her sleeve and refusing to let go.

She addressed the incident on Twitter following her show and defended her attack, ranting: “Purpose!!! That b**ch won’t let me go.” (TheSun)



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