#BBATheChase : Sex moves to the Ruby House.

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#Diamond House ”porn stars”,Ethiopia’s #Betty and #Sierra Loene’s #Bolt who has shamelessly graced this year’s edition of Big Brother Africa with mind blowing sex scenes moved to the Ruby house this evening after they were swapped by current #Diamond HOH,Kenya’s #Annabel for Ghana’s #Selly and Zambia’s #Cleo.


It seems it was rather easy for her to make her Ruby house picks in Selly and Cleo but she was rather confused and undecided about who to send packing from the Diamond house.She first picked #Nigeria’s Melvin but then she changed her mind and announced that her Diamond house picks were Bolt and Betty.Bolt protested immediately and she was half way into changing her mind once again but she later found the strength to stand by her decision to send Bolt and Betty packing.





Today’s  swap also means love birds, Zimbabwe’s #Hakeem and Zambia’s #Cleo finally gets a chance to live under the same roof after last week Friday’s disappointment that almost resulted in a breakup.Also,with Zambia’s #Sulu in the Ruby house,Ghana’s #Selly is now free like a bird to get close to #Tanzania’s Nando.



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