#BBATheChase : Natasha survives again as Betty and Montamma are booted out!!!

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Botswana’s #Motamma and Ethopia’s #Betty has officially joined the list of evicted housemates from the 2013 edition of Big brother Africa tagged Big Brother the Chase. #Motamma who lost her grandfather last week now has a chance to return to Bostwana to mourn the deceased.

#Motamma’s exit was inevitable considering that her fellow countryman Oneal who is a strong contender for the big price is also up for eviction and it seems Bostwana decided to save #Oneal and throw #Motamma to the lions.

A vote from one or more of the other vote blocks could have saved her but this week’s eviction was tactical, no thanks to the number of housemates who were up for eviction this week.


Shortly after #Motamma was evicted,#Ik announced the eviction of Ethiopia’s #Betty,the diva who has bared it all in front of the big brother’s camera right from day 2.The announcement left Sierra Leone’s #Bolt,#Betty’s sex partner/Bedmate speechless and in pains for the cold and lonely nights ahead.

The duo hurriedly shared a kiss as she made her way out to the big brother live show stage for the eviction chat with#Ik. Just like #Montanma’s exit, #Betty’s departure is also a little surprising whiff from Ethiopia as her compatriots want her back home because of her indecent nookie with Bolt.

For self styled Mama Africa, Malawi’s #Natasha,there should be an ambience of victory all around her this week.She survived her fourth nomination in a roll and this has driven jitters down the spines of her detractors who have mercilessly put her up for eviction for four straight weeks.

Evictees so far are #LK4 and #Denzel from Uganda,#Koketso from South Africa, #Biguesas and #Neyll from Angola,#Kenya’s Huddah, Botswana’s #Motamma and Ethiopia’s #Betty.

Here’s is how Africa voted:

Angola: Oneal
Botswana: Oneal
Ghana: Elikem
Kenya: Nando
Ethiopia: Betty
Malawi: Natasha
Namibia: Nando
Nigeria: Nando
South Africa: Oneal
Sierra Leone: Bolt
Tanzania: Nando
Uganda: Nando
Zambia: Natasha
Zimbabwe: Natasha
Rest of Africa: Oneal

Total: Nando = 5; Oneal = 4; Natasha =3, Bolt = 1, Elikem = 1, Betty = 1, Motamma = 0. (Total: 15 Votes)



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