#BBATheChase: LK4 and Koketso evicted!!!

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The second eviction show of Big brother the chase was packed with surprises. First to be evicted was the The Prince of Uganda,#Lk4.

After #IK announced his eviction from the show,he held on to his darling #Koketso not knowing she would be evicted as well. Ruby house HOI,  #Selly has earlier in the week replaced #Biguesas with #Koketso but it still came as a surprise that #Africa decided to kick the love birds out.The three evicted #Chasers so far are #Denzel, #LK4 and #Koketso.

How Africa voted:
Angola: Koketso
Botswana: Hakeem
Ghana: Feza
Kenya: Hakeem
Ethiopia: Dillish
Malawi: Hakeem
Namibia: Dillish
Nigeria: Dillish
South Africa: Koketso
Sierra Leone: Feza
Tanzania: Feza
Uganda: LK4
Zambia: Hakeem
Zimbabwe: Hakeem
Rest of Africa: Hakeem
TotalHakeem = 6;
Feza = 3;
Dillish =3,
Koketso = 2,
LK4 = 1.
Diary: The script changes for Koketso




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