#BBATheChase Day 8: Sex smells among Ruby Housemates?

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#BBATheChase day 8 and all I smell is pheromones. Sex hangs in the air, as pungent as the scent of an insecticide. You can crush it. All that looms around the Ruby housemates is sex,  relationships, rejection and betrayal.

Koketso, LK4 and Beverly are in a love triangle that is getting harder to unknot.

Angelo is biting his lips because Huddah planted a kiss on Hakeem’s lips and not his when she was leaving. He also feels like a double loser as Annabel has changed towards him ever since it was revealed that she has a crush on him and he let it be known that he does not feel the same way.

Annabel, confessed that she feels uncomfortable around Angelo, now that the cat has been let out of the bag (her crush on him).

Nando is lusting after Dillish as he revealed in his diary sessions but Dillish harbours no such thought as she sees him as a friend.

Bolt and Betty are doing fine and seem like the most sane pair around the house.

What;s happening Rubies?

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