Are rats living in Mars (See Photo)

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This question lingered on the minds of millions of people all over the world, as UFO enthusiast  Scott C Waring said he discovered a rat in a panoramic photo of the planet, that was taken by NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity.

The image was taken in September 2012. However, it was dismissed as just being a rock. The reason, being, Mars is toxic. The atmosphere is filled with toxic perchlorates, and silicate and gypsum dust that would make a coal miner breathe a sigh of relief.

Though there may be “habitable” pockets underground, the Martian surface would not support lizards and rodents, which people often “see” in images of the Red Planet.

They joked that it might just be pareidolia. Pareidolia is the name for the particular human quirk that makes us see faces and other familiar objects in random shapes, textures and surfaces.


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