#ALUU4: Have we forgotten about them already???

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And so I was conversing with a law student friend 2 days ago about the pronouncement of judgement in the country and the crawling state of development of the sector in the country.

So many cases cropped up during our discussion, from the old case of Bola Ige, to the fresh one that happened in Port Harcourt where 4 students of University of Port Harcourt were allegedly killed by the villagers of Aluu who were believed to have acted under the pronouncement of the chief of the town because they were said to be thieves.

The Inspector General of police said they would find the killers and they shall face justice but, that seems like mere talk as we are yet to hear anything about it. I know with the pressing case of an important person like Chief Bola Ige who was a Minister Justice and an attorney general still at hand after over a decade of trials, this too should wait abi?

We are not writing a good thing about the present generation for the future generation if it continues like this, a single American was killed in Boston and their president came out with fury saying they’ll deal with all the parties involved but in Nigeria, we need to hear a large number before granting the terrorised amnesty…. Na wa ooo

I Rest my case.



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