All White Everything: Wimbledon Bans Federer From Wearing Custom Orange Shoes

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Tennis legend Roger Federer has been asked by Wimbledon officials not to put on the orange-soled shoes he wore earlier in the tournament.

According to Wimbledon officials, it contravenes against the tournament’s all-white dress code.

Roger Federer had gotten the custom shoes for the Grand Slam, but will not be wearing them again.

The orange soles are a special version of its Zoom Vapor shoes made for Federer, who has won seven of his last 10 men’s singles titles at the All England Club.

The neon orange color on the shoe bottoms match the color of the swoosh on his shirt and his headband.



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  1. Watching Serena Williams at Wimbledon and she has ORANGE shorts on under her white tennis outfit. Why are the shorts not banned as were the shoes of Mr. Federe

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