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I just got to the office and was about to check my email when I came about this story with a really catching headline, “The Incredible Story Of This Woman’s Meteoric Rise From Receptionist To CEO”.


I opened the link with interest because lately I have found myself in a valley of indecision regarding career. What to do or not do, whether to quit a job or stay and a host of other issues that are not alien to many of us today. So, I’ve made a list of what has kept me going. I believe they’ll be beneficial to you too.

  • Realize the WORK is a major part of the human existence: As cliche as this may sound, it didn’t quite sink into my own head until recently. And with all the ‘TGIF; Thank God its Friday‘ and ‘Oh no, not Monday again’  that we hear week after week, it apparently hasn’t sunk into so many heads yet. YES, work can get overwhelming and YES we all need rest just like God rested on the 7th day after 6 days of creation of the world. But we never heard him say TGIF in between. He was passionate about the work, made everything the best it could be and was happy with every progress he made. The Bible says everything he made was beautiful. One more thing to note is, God didn’t rest until he had worked and made significant progress.We should work not just because we need to eat, but because its a way you contribute your quota to the human race. In actual fact, there is  no ‘life holiday’. Because while you sleep even at night, men are breaking new grounds. Life also doesn’t wait for you while you are on that vacation in Seychelles. So whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your heart and might. Just listen to your body and give it a break when you need to. A positive attitude makes all the difference.


  • STAYING POWER: The story of the woman I mentioned at the start of this post is proof that hanging on pays off in the long run. Ever been to an interview where the interviewer wanted to know why you left your last job? Majority of the employee who go ‘job hopping’ are only after the pay.  According to Forbes,  job instability on a resume could come at the cost of the dream job for applicants. Employers need someone who’s passionate about what he does and not constantly drawn to the highest bidder. For years, experts have warned that recruiters screen out chronic job-hoppers, instead seeking prospective employees who seem to offer longevity. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when you need to move but my emphasis is in ability to mend things when broken rather than trash them. Don’t be a quitter. Over the years, I’m sure we have all had the opportunity to see how people start a certain career together, one falls by the way side and years after looks at what his ex-colleague has achieved with deep regrets. If you would only stay and keep investing in what you have started building. Instead of starting afresh many times in one lifetime. Like the woman in the story, who rose from a receptionist to CEO of same organization, that might just be your story.
  • MOTIVATE YOURSELF: You’re only headed for frustration if your expect your job to always motivate you. Just like everything in life, there will be high and low times. But you have to be able to develop means by which you keep your self  motivated…..and busy. Because you are not an errand boy/girl/man/woman, less work in the office shouldn’t mean total idleness. Keep busy, read, learn new things…an idle mind is still the devil’s workshop.


  • CONSTANT UPGRADE: ‘Don’t be easily content’. Don’t get too relaxed in whatever position you find yourself. Seek to improve. Seek to upgrade. Read more books, study more courses, short, long, any kind. But not without direction. Constantly seek to upgrade in the area you have chosen to function. Not many people go the extra mile, so you’d surely be spotted for your diligence and hard-work. And slowly but surely, you’ll climb up the success ladder.


  • FACE YOUR LANE: Resist the temptation to compare yourself with any body. NEVER do that! That’s one distraction you do not need. Take all your baby steps and be happy with all you achievements as you grow. See no one but yourself in the world unless you’re looking to someone to inspire yourself.No Comparison Set achievable goals for yourself and celebrate when you reach them. Then take the next goal one notch or two higher. “You shall compete with only thine self”, saith Tiana.


  • PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!: This should come first on the list, and everywhere in between. But of course, I don’t want you think this alone can do it all. No one goes on a battle field without arms and shield. Life is spiritual and so you need spiritual backing ALWAYS.


Its never to late to get things right. Don’t get it twisted. Success isn’t always a function of how much wealth you amass, but fulfilment you feel inside and the lives you affect after all is said and done. Make the necessary changes today.

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