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The season finale aired on Sunday in the United states. Fans were just recovering from the shock from the events of the world’s worst wedding.  However, this finale did not hit me as the previous two finales did. I mean Dany being lifted up in the air by a bunch of poor people didn’t hit me in the same way that an army of White Walkers or a naked lady covered in ash and dragons did in Seasons 2 and 1, respectively.

Here’s a recap of what happened In this episode.

As with any other Game of thrones review on the internet, this article may contain spoilers for those yet to view the episode.

The wedding is over. There’s still war outside the castle as the hound carries Arya out without attracting any suspicion. Arya is able to see her brother, the king in the north, whose head has been replaced with the head of his direwolf and sewn to his body . Upon the news reaching king’s landing, Joeffery seems to be happy and can’t wait to give sansa her brother’s head. Tyrion however rebukes him and threaten him while Tywin sends him to bed without his dinner.  This goes to show how powerful Tywin Lannister is. A man who  could go as far as having a dozen men killed at dinner for his family.

The capture

Although we didn’t get the Stark revenge that we expected, I was still happy for little Arya who killed her first man- the man who cut Robb’s head off and sewed it to his wolf. Perhaps, it was the best scene Mhysa could offer and a proof that Maise Williams was born to play Arya Stark. Bran told the story of the rat cook and how the gods cursed a man who would kill guests under his own roof. Now we know Lords Frey and Bolton will pay for what they had done. Now we know why Lord Bolton would betray the starks- to become the Warden of the North. Now we know who has been tormenting poor Theon, now known as Reek- Lord Bolton’s bastard son Ramsay who has castrated reek and sent his dick in a box to his father so that the greyjoys surrender all the lands in the North they had seized.

Theon’s father is not ready to give up his lands as he thinks his son has disappointed him enough but his heroic sister, Yara now is on a mission to find her brother and bring him back home, another scene I enjoyed watching.

game of thrones season finale 2013 theon 360nobs

Sam and Geely cross path with Bran and his gang and tell them of what lies beyond the wall. He tells them of the white walkers and how he had killed one though none had been killed for a thousand years. Bran goes north while Sam travels south back to the Nights watch to inform them of what he had seen. Messenger Ravens were sent to all kingdoms alerting them of what was coming.

Meanwhile, back in king’s landing, Lord Varys meets with Tyrion’s concubine, shae, telling her to leave Tyrion and start a new life far away from him as possible as she was a distraction to Tyrion whom he tought was the only person that could do some good for Westereos. She declines his offer but now we have a hint of what Lord Varys is up to given that he is a closed book and a very perilous person.

Ygritte’s emotional parting with Jon Snow was another scene I liked. She has her way of breaking up with a guy. Leaving 3 arrow wounds on Jon’s body was her way of telling him how she felt.

We then see Davos bonding with Gendry, the boy who was to be sacrificed for Stannis Baratheon. Davos doesn’t Gendry dead and he decides to set him free and let him escape against Stannis’ wish. When stannis finds out, he is pissed off and wants Davos killed. Davos tells Stannis of the war beyond the world and Mellissandre of all people vouches for him telling stannis that what is imminent is greater than any other war and Davos will be needed, thus saving his life.

At last, Jamie gets to kings Landing with Brienne. His sister/lover is very happy to see him . Meanwhile, in the city of Yunkai, Dany is standing outside the gate waiting for the people of Yunkai to accept her. She is accepted and is given a new title “Mhysa”. She then crowdsurfs on a bunch of coloured people. BEAUTIFUL!.

Game of Thrones Season Finale 2013 360nobs review

So ends Season 3 of Game of thrones. Although it didn’t end as other finales ended, I am kind of happy that it ended the way it did. I am happy they didn’t leave us hanging, anticipating next season. That way, April 2014 doesn’t seem soo far away.

What did you think of the episode?

By Eze Eche.



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