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A while back we were only given the image of  the very sexy Toolz of Beat FM as the cover girl of MYSTREETZ magazine.  We are proud to present to you more images and insets from the special anniversary issue of Mystreetz magazine.  In this edition, Pa Fatai Rolling Dollar(passed on today 12/06/13) happens to be one of the subjects covered. May his soul rest in peace.  Other artists interviewed are Ice Prince, Blink,  Jeremiah Gyang, Esojay Luciano, Kiss and more.

EDITOR’S NOTE: According to Sesan Adeniji, Publisher of Mystreetz MagazineWhen we decided to publish a monthly music magazine about a year ago, we knew we had to conquer the economic, intellectual and the basic human limitation (the fear of the unknown) to realise this goal. It’s an obvious fact that no music magazine publication company in Nigeria has ever achieved such a goal but we at Mystreetz magazine have proven for the past one year with 12 incisive and thoroughly packaged magazines, that no mountain is too high to climb’.

‘The Nigerian music industry like Mystreetz magazine has grown and continued to succeed despite the odds.  Artistes are continually enjoying the yields of their labour. They have surpassed sales, endorsement deals and performance fee records ever set by their predecessors but all of these has happened due to a combination of effort from several puppet masters pulling the strings behind the scene and an example of such masters are the OAP’S working day and night to make sure Nigerian music dominates the airwaves, creating an environment where the artistes brands are marketable. We welcome you to ‘THE RADIOINSANITY‘- Meet TOOLZ, DO2DTUN and other OAPS dictating the tune of the Nigerian music industry’.

‘This is a story about over five decades of radio broadcasting as regard to all the OAP’s running music commentary for the past 50years. This is a story about the likes of Benson Idonije, walter Batowei, kelvin Amaechi, Vincent Uyo, the late Tony Ibegbuna and John Ndisika.

Super story about the likes of Manny Onumonu, Barwick Akingbogun(Barwicko), Alex Conde, Ronnie ‘the Cat’ Ekundayo, Bode ‘the Genie’ Seriki, Freaky Fred Oshodi, Femi showeolu, Olusesan Ekisola, John Momoh, Patrick Oke, Willie Egbe, Felix Femi Fashina, Tunji Babatunde(Music madness), JAJ and the other OAP’s dictating the music industry today.

This edition is not just another magazine, it’s another history you all need to know of’.

Enjoy the images below.

MYSTREETZ MAGAZINE TOOLZ DO2DTUNcover- (360nobs.com) MYSTREETZ MAGAZINE TOOLZ DO2DTUNcover 2- (360nobs.com) MYSTREETZ MAGAZINE TOOLZ DO2DTUNeditorial- (360nobs.com) MYSTREETZ MAGAZINE TOOLZ DO2DTUNfatia rolling dollar- (360nobs.com) MYSTREETZ MAGAZINE TOOLZ DO2DTUNice prince- (360nobs.com) MYSTREETZ MAGAZINE TOOLZ DO2DTUNjeremiah gyang- (360nobs.com) MYSTREETZ MAGAZINE TOOLZ DO2DTUNunderground buzz- (360nobs.com) MYSTREETZ MAGAZINE TOOLZ DO2DTUNmodel tag- (360nobs.com)

Cover Photography By August Udoh for Orbit imagery, Toolz-Makeup by Orsela, DO2DTUN- Makeup by Tinkzy Effect.




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