ZestVille …Episode 9 by @Tomilola_coco

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“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

He watched her as she threw all her things into the medium sized box, getting ready to leave his house.

Women were over dramatic; he’d always known that, in fact he’d been raised by one of the most dramatic women in the world. However, what he’d never known was how dramatic this particular woman could be.

He’d never seen her this way.

“Chisom are you even thinking at all?” He asked her, trying to understand the rationale behind her sudden decision.

“Am I thinking? Yes. The question is are you thinking Korede Kuti? Have you tried to think of how much in love with you I might be? How much it hurt to see you hook up with Malika and pass me on to your best friend Ebuka as if I was some baton? Have you?” She inquired, facing him now and waiting for a response from him. Now she’d gotten the words out, told him what she’d been carrying around since the night of the disastrous dinner.  What had made her come back to him in the first place?

Korede stared at her, saying nothing – partly because he had nothing to say and partly because he was shocked beyond words. She was in love with him? This seriously? She felt this bad about hooking up with Ebuka?

Damn! What had he done? He cared a great deal about Chisom but he hadn’t been in touch with that part of him for years and as much as he still really liked her, he hadn’t been sure a relationship was the next step. And that was the reason he didn’t sleep with her the night she returned.

“Of course you haven’t” she said and returned to throwing her remaining clothes into the box.

“Chisom, I didn’t realise you still wanted me” he finally found his voice.

“How would you? You have been everywhere with the Zest ville bitch, how would you?” She yelled and zipped the box. Then she grabbed her bag and the box and headed for the door.


“And this has gone on for how long?” Alhaja Kuti queried, her gracefully aged face a hostile one as she eyed her son in law outside the police station.

Akin swallowed hard. Alhaja Kuti was a nice woman no doubt but could be intimidating when she was angry. And she was at the moment. She had just used her “long legs” to bail her only daughter out of police custody and she was very angry to learn that they took hours to let her know.

And that there was a certain Malika who was tearing the family apart. Malika Aliu, the name sounded vaguely familiar to Alhaja Kuti and she intended to have her whole profile checked up as soon as possible.

“You know when you turned my daughter into a Christian and decided to raise my grand daughter the Christian way, I had no problems with it. If you think I would have no problems with you taking another wife and making her life unbearable however, have another thing coming.” She said and dragged her daughter along with her into a waiting jeep.

Kofo didn’t want to be dragged along with her mother like a six year old, she would have preferred to go home with her husband whom she was sure was very mad at her at the moment. But she dared not say a word. Her mother was one crazy woman when she was angry.

She was about the only person Kofo feared.

Akin watched Alhaja Kuti and his wife leave. He sighed. She didn’t move around with thugs this time, Alhaja Kuti was one of the biggest society women of her time in Lagos and was also one of the most feared.

He was a man who was confident and couldn’t be pushed around anyhow, but he knew he had to be very careful where Alhaja Amina Kuti was concerned.


She watched her daughter and smiled. She hadn’t set eyes on her for about five years, yes she’d seen her work on TV, magazines and the Internet but she hadn’t seen her in flesh and blood.

Her younger daughter strolled in, a bowl of cereal in one hand and her blackberry in the other.

“She’s not awake yet?” Aaliyah asked her mother.

“No” her mother responded, her eyes still glued on her older daughter.

Aaliyah nodded. “How do you feel now that you forcibly brought her home? You think she would stand your ass when she’s awake?”

She looked at her younger daughter, a disapproving look on her face. Aaliyah was rude and still hadn’t forgiven Malika for walking out on them years before. She knew it would take a long time for both daughters to be friendly towards each other again but she was willing to wait.

“Aaliyah, we talked about this before”

“We didn’t talk about how she’d feel about you kidnapping her and forcefully bringing her to you mom” Aaliyah responded and sat opposite her, on a chair in front of the bed which Malika laid.

“She’s my daughter. She’d forgive me”

“Your selfish, self righteous but still a bitch daughter” Aaliyah said as she ate her cereal now and paid no attention to her mother’s surprised glance.

Malika stirred and opened her eyes. She felt groggy and was it her eyes or was she really seeing her mother in front of her?


“I don’t know why she won’t let me go back to my husband’s house.” Kofo sulked as she drank more liquour from the bottle in front of her.

“You invited her into your situation, you know how she works, so deal with it” Korede spat. He honestly was not in the mood for his sister’s attitude at the moment because he felt guilty for Malika’s disappearance and felt bad that he hadn’t seen how much Chisom was in love with him. She’d left his house without telling him where she was headed and it felt like years before again, when she’d suddenly disappeared and he’d been unable to reach her. Dejavu.

Alhaja Kuti emerged from the room and strolled into the spacious and lavishly furnished living room.

Her two younger children were there and the news she was about to deliver was going to shock them beyond reasoning, yet she was excited to deliver it.


“You kidnapped me? Another grand plan mother! I hope you feel good with yourself now!” Malika yelled at her mother. She was feeling a bit better at the moment and as much as she still felt hazy, she could afford to vent her anger, her frustration and her disbelief at how low her mother had stooped to execute a plan like this.

“I haven’t seen you in almost five years Malika…”

“And that’s a problem? There’s a reason I chose not to see you!” Malika yelled.

“I’m sorry honey” her mother apologised, hoping the apology would do something in calming her nerves.

“You’re sorry? You’re sorry? I had scratches all over my body because of your grand plan, I…”

“Oh please she already said sorry. What more do you want?” It was Aaliyah talking this time. Malika faced her and the two sisters stared at each other coldly, a very silent war going on between them.

“It would interest you to know that I was talking to your mother” Malika said, anger boiling inside her. Her younger sister was still the same rude little girl she was. Except now she had the nerve to step closer and add:

“Oh and she is not your mother? Why? Because she did things she wasn’t proud of to raise you?” Aaliyah was ready for her. Whatever Malika brought, she was ready to give back a hundred times over.

“Aaliyah, keep quiet” their mother said but Aaliyah was not done. She stepped closer to her elder sister, her arms folded as she held her gaze as if she was ready for anything.

“You know, it is a bit of an irony that you hate her so much for sleeping around with people’s husbands yet that’s who you have turned out to be. Except that you suck at being a bitch.”

Malika’s hand landed heavily on her sister’s face as the latter staggered a bit.

“Malika!” Their mother called out

Aaliyah stood straight and sent her elder sister lurching sideways by returning the favour.

“How do you want it elder sis? Should we go on with the slapping spree?!” Aaliyah inquired, her eyes blazing.

Their mother stared at both of them. And she knew instantly that there was nothing she could do to stop the raging war.


Alhaja Kuti hated when anybody crossed her path or her children’s path. Since she had to share her husband with that evil seductress many years before, she had learnt to dig out dirty secrets about anybody who crossed her and then use it against them.

Now she had the dirt about Malika Aliu. The dirt she wasn’t sure her children would like to know but which she knew she could use to get her vengeance.

The vengeance that was long overdue but didn’t they say revenge was best served cold?

“I checked this Malika’s profile” she began as she sat comfortably across her daughter and near her son.

“Mom, you can’t keep going FBI on everyone. We don’t need to find out dirt about people and use it against them. You need to stop it” Korede told his mother. He honestly would rather they let Malika be.

Kofo needed to work on her marriage and everything would be fine. Everything was already almost fine before she’d ruined it by herself again anyway.

“Her mother is the woman who caused my separation from your father.” Alhaja Kuti said and her kids stared at her in shock. Lara Aliu?

“This Malika was the reason the marriage separated at the time because Lara Aliu got pregnant with her and I found out” Alhaja Kuti quipped.

“Wait, Malika is our sister?” Kofo asked?

Korede blanched.



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