ZEN MAGAZINE AFRICA: Sexy & Sophisticated Collection From M.A.F. Couture(Fashion Editorial)

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Zen Magazine Africa shares this week’s fabulous fashion editorial featuring M.A.F Couture.  

Editor’s Note: Go for colours this season in exciting and glamorous prints from M.A.F. Couture, says Arinze Nwokolo and we check out the Contents for the month of May.
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Credit for Images (Contents)
Mearg Tareke – Photography by Monica True | Hair Stylist: Darrell Thompson |Make Up Artist: Liz Wegrzyn

M.A.F. Couture – Photography by Remon van den Kommer | Stylist: Tammy van Bommel | Make up Artist: Melanie Wortman | Hair Stylist: Eldridge Mullenhof

Aloye Adede – Credit to Eyola 

Ice Prince – Credit to 360nobs.com

Fashion Envie by Beau Monde Society – Photography by Oye Diran for Arista imagery | Makeup by Moshoodat Sanni | Hairstyling by Kathy Clarke Louis

David Tlale – Credit to David Tlale

Giuseppe Zanotti – Credit to Giuseppe Zanotti

Join M.A.F. Couture’s Facebook Page: M.A.F.Couture  | Follow the brand on Twitter: @mafcouture



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