ZEN MAGAZINE AFRICA: Beautiful Eco-Friendly Designs – Fashion Envie by Beau Monde Society.

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Editor’s Note: In my search to discover more adventurous fashion, I stumbled upon some Eco-Friendly fashion designers based in America. The shoot was conducted by Beau Monde Society run by a Nigerian Jennifer Nnamani and it’s all about connecting fashion lovers to the Eco-friendly designs that are in Style.

Eco- friendly fashion is all about making clothes that take into account the environment, the health of consumers and the working conditions of people in the fashion industry. It is like fashion that has passed that Green watch for purity!! A concept produced by Beau Monde SocietyFashion Envie is on a voyage to re-brand the concept of Eco-friendly fashion and here are 3 different looks from 3 different designers.

To learn more about Fashion Envie, please Contact www.lebeaumondesociety.com

Connect with Beau Monde Society on Facebook: Beau Monde Society 

On Twitter: @BMSCitizens

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