Yinka Ayefele – “If you think I’m impotent, bring your sister”

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Singer Yinka Ayefele has responded to taunts about his potency by asking doubters to “bring their sisters”.

The Ondo-born singer, who lost his ability to walk in an accident in 1997, said his case was a special one, and he was perfectly capable of raring kids.

Yinka said, “Doctors would tell you that my case is very special and rare; my case is one of a thousand cases. There are some things I may not want to say here but I challenge those who still don’t believe me that I can perform to come with their sisters to prove the point. What I am trying to say is that I’m fortunate to have proved the medical practitioner wrong in some aspects. They say I wouldn’t be able to have erection but the day they discovered I was able to have it was like a miracle; in fact, my consultant was shocked, I thank God for this.” (RevealZone)



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