Watch This: UNSPOKEN – A Short Film By Sunny King

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Nigeria, well Nollywood to be precise is enjoying a new wave of film makers and we are loving the results. Due to budget constraints, some of these film makers are only able to produce short films, which we don’t mind at all. At the end of the day, besides commercial reasons, authenticity is important as well as relevance to the world as it is today.

UNSPOKEN, a short film by Sunny King, happens to be one of those films which tackles current social issues which would be seen as taboos in many countries even in the most advanced.

UNSPOKEN has made quite a bit of wave since its release. Rated as one of the top 10 finalists at Afrinolly 2013 Short film competition. Appeared at a few film festivals like Buff film festival, Africa in the Pictures festival and Film Africa London Independent Film festival 2013.

UNSPOKEN has been officially selected to premiere at Cinema Africa in Sweden and 6th International WAMMFEST Women and Minorities in media (USA).

Two days before Lola’s wedding, Sandra the Maid of honour discovers a secret that could jeopardize the relationship between her best friend and her groom to be.

UNSPOKEN is a story of commitment to love and friendship in the face of societal taboos we dare not confront or speak of.
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You can watch the short film, right after this.

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WATCH the 10mins short film below – Unspoken and tell us what you think in the comment box, share on Twitter(#Unspoken) and like on Facebook.

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