WATCH THIS: Redi Tlhabi discusses Traditional Healings and Ritual Circumcision on South 2 North.

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On Al Jazeera’s new global talk show South 2 North, Redi Tlhabi talks about healing, traditional medicine and ancient cultural customs.

She spoke to South African traditional healer Nokulinda Mkhize; Dr. Vijay Mittal, an ayurvedic healer from the Himalayas; and documentary filmmaker Mayenzeke Baza, whose People & Power documentary on Al Jazeera, Ndiyindoda: I Am A Man, explored ritual circumcision among the 10-million strong Xhosa tribe of which former South African president Nelson Mandela is the most prominent member.

Redi Tlhabi South 2 NorthNokulinda-Mkhize- (
South African traditional healer Nokulinda Mkhize
Redi Tlhabi South 2 NorthVijay-Mittal- (
Dr. Vijay Mittal, an ayurvedic healer from the Himalayas

Here are some of the questions asked by Redi on the showIs there a place for traditional medicine and ancient cultural customs in a modern world? How has capitalism influenced traditional medicine?  Is there a link between physiological illnesses and the supernatural world? Should we be less reliant on Western medicine? Should traditional healers and customs be regulated, especially in light of the way Ndiyindoda highlights the risks involved in ritual circumcision, including the loss of lives and penises.

Redi Tlhabi South 2 NorthMayenzeke-Baza- (
Documentary filmmaker Mayenzeke Baza,

Watch Redi ask the important questions on this episode of South 2 North below. Its a very insightful and an interesting episode.  

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