That “Head” Can Claim Your Life

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Recently, medical researches have revealed that men can contact throat cancer from in a very shocking way which is through oral sex.

When next you decide to “eat” a woman down there, be aware of one fact, you might have been infected with something that could put you at the risk of having throat cancer in some years.

The most common STD in the US; human papillomavirus, or HPV has been blamed for a recent increase in the cause of throat cancer.

What more is that the people who suffered from this ailment neither drink nor smoke and from 2004 to 2012 the number of people with the ailment has risen putting men more at risk. That is to say that men have this ailment more than women.

Even though oral sex has been seen as a safer option over the years for heterosexual couples; an option they pick to avoid the risk sex brings, it can be as deadly as having unprotected sex in that it can lead to HPV.

Most people who contact HPV can treat it with no hassles whatsoever if detected and taken care of within a few years and the number of men who contact HPV and which led to cancer is still very small.

One interesting thing to note however, is that even virgins aren’t left out where this is concerned because it has been researched that some virgins contact the infection through kissing. Kissing has been stated to be almost more lethal in passing infection from an infected person more than sexual intercourse.

Unlike cervical cancer, which can be detected with a Pap smear, there is no test that can easily identify HPV-related throat cancer.

Although there is hardly anyway to be rid of HPV, researchers have found out that starting a sexual life at a very early age and having numerous sexual partners increases the risk of contacting the virus.



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