South African Actor Compares ‘Shotgun Garfunkel’ To Nigerian Films Which He Calls “Shit Films”

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In a bid to produce the worst film ever made, three production companies; Localala Productions, Ghost Sheep and Team Best came together to make Shotgun Garfunkel but ended up pursuing a spot on the Guinness Book of Records for the fastest movie production.

According to Times Live, while celebrating the completion of the film which is described as “not terrible” under 11days, South African actor- Eduan van Jaarsveld compared their achievement to that of movie producers in Nigeria saying Anyone can make a shit film in 10 days. You get it in Nigeria where they churn out films and don’t pay anyone.

Prior to the South African project which kicked off on the 1st of May, Indian film Sivappu Mazhai held the record for fastest film production with 11 days and 23 hours. However that record seems to have been broken by Shotgun Garfunkel which was completed after 10 days and some hours.

Shotgun Garfunkel premiered at The Bioscope in Johannesburg on Saturday night but it’s story might not end there as Nigerian’s, whom i might add love their home videos, might not ignore this backlash.

Check out the trailer for Shotgun Garfunkel below.

Mistah Cole

Mistah Cole

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