Signs That Your Man’s Ex Is Going To Be His Next

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You just got into a relationship or maybe you have been dating for about six months or a little more. Here are signs that your man might just still be into his ex

-He always talks about her: Or relates everything to her. “Oh you like football too? You’re the only girl who I know does that after my ex. She loves football so much…” Or “Do you like this type of jewellry? Used to be my ex’s favorite”. If for every statement or discussion you both have there’s a mention of the woman who is supposed to be in his past, then maybe she is not yet in the past and he is still wanting her to be in his present.

-He never mentions her: this is as alarming as talking about her every second. Especially if they dated for long and they were really in love. A woman who was part of his life shouldn’t be a topic he would never mention when you guys discuss your past and other things that have brought you both to your present individual state.

If you try to make him talk about her and he doesn’t still want to, then he is probably still seriously thinking about her and he’s too guilty to speak about it. This may mean he still is very much into her. Which is dangerous for your relationship.

-If they are best friends: and by this I mean if she is his “go to” person and him her “go to” person. If she is the last person he speaks to before going to bed and the first in the morning? Then something is seriously wrong. She might even be in a relationship just like he is with you but for some reason she is his sweet best friend who gets him, beware something is wrong. Nobody is saying they shouldn’t be best friends, wait…who makes his ex his best friend? Dear sister, if this is the case in your relationship, your man is still very much into his ex which might make her is next and break your heart.

-He is On and Off with you: if you share a relationship that is some sorta back and forth, then he is probably not ready to move on. Someone who isn’t very ready to be opened to a new relationship will be inconsistent with the new person. Most times they hurt this new person they are with.

-If he still has stuff from the previous relationship: like keeping the tickets from his and his ex’s first show/movie because it reminds him of a happy time, or keeping her things in his house, then he is just not ready for a future with someone else yet. He either wants to get back or needs time to be ready to move on.

-Your intuition: if you just aren’t comfortable with the over friendly ex girlfriend and the somewhat harmless relationship she has with your man then it might just be for a good reason. Ask him about it and make sure you communicate in the calmest way possible, also let him realise that if he isn’t hundred percent sure he is ready to move on just yet, you are willing to back off while he makes up his mind about what he truly wants.



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