Signs that her Boobs are Fake

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With the western culture becoming a greater influence on us everyday, everything seems to be changing. From the way of living, to dressing, to hair and to body parts.

Women now find it easier to look the way they want thanks to cosmetic surgery. Boobs can now be made to look fuller and firmer.

For some men, this is something they would like to know because they prefer their woman’s body parts natural. Some men on the other hand, don’t mind.

Here are ways to help you detect if those little “babies” have gotten some help, if you mind that is.

No space in between whatsoever-If there’s no space between the boobs and they are tightly close, then they are most likely fake. Most women have their boobs at least two to three inches apart and so when boobs are too close then some sort of surgery might have happened.

They look like water melons- Real boobs are shaped like pear or tear drops. No real boob looks like big round water melons. Real boobs are naturally full at the bottom while implants are evenly distributed with silicons or salines from top to bottom thereby giving them a very full outlook and perfectly round shape.

They almost touch the chin- Another way to know is if her breasts are set too high on her chest. Usually, breasts should sit right around where the armpits are. A botched boob job when implants are placed in from the armpits can make the breasts ride up higher, Rowe says. This is easier to see when women are wearing swimsuits, because padded push-up bras also lift breasts.



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