WATCH NOW As Redi Tlhabi Re-imagines Africa on Al Jazeera’s South 2 North (Video)

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This Friday on Al Jazeera’s new global talk show South 2 North, Redi Tlhabi chats to Professor Okwui Enwezo, a Nigerian art curator and critic, and two award-winning photographers: Nigerian George Osodi and South African Neo Ntsoma.

“Even though Africa is the fastest growing region in the world, a recent European survey shows that people still see Africa as the ‘Hopeless Continent’,” says Redi, who presents South 2 North from Johannesburg. “Poverty, famine, darkness, corruption and tribal wars… These are the thoughts one would have when gazing at images associated with Africa in most Western media. But what happens when Africans themselves begin to make images from their point of view? Can they reverse the negative stereotypes of Africa and Africans?”

Professor Enwezor is currently director of Haus der Kunst art museum in Munich, Germany. He has curated work for some of the world’s leading galleries, including The Guggenheim, The Tate Modern, and The Museum of Modern Art.

George is a former Fuji African Photographer of The Year Award winner, renowned for his hauntingly beautiful pictures of the oil devastation in the Niger delta. His current work focuses on Nigeria’s traditional monarchs and will be exhibited from 10-27 October 2013 at Bermondsey Project in London.

Neo Ntsoma is the first woman recipient of the CNN African Journalist Award for photography, but she moved away from news into fashion photojournalism because she didn’t want to reinforce African stereotypes.

Al Jazeera's South 2
South African photographer, Neo Ntsoma with Redi Tlhabi on Al Jazeera’s South 2 North.

George and Neo are both featured in Artscape: The New African Photography, currently screening on Al Jazeera.

Why have Western perceptions of Africa stayed the same, when so much change is taking place here? Where did these simplistic images of Africa come from and what political agenda did they serve?  How is Africa viewed outside of the West? How can Africans claim back their narratives and start telling a fuller story? Should Africans even care what the West thinks?

Watch Redi ask the above important questions on  South 2 North – IMAGINING AFRICA with Professor Okwui Enwezo, a Nigerian art curator and critic, and two award-winning photographers: Nigerian George Osodi and South African Neo Ntsoma.

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  1. Let me make something very clear before you all get confused:

    I feel it is very important for me to point out that I am NOT a Fashion photographer as it is mentioned in this article. Yes, I do sometimes shoot fashion assignments but the fact remains, I am a photojournalist and a documentary photographer. I am interested in the essence of life, people and events not the commercialisation of thoughts and concepts. I love to capture the RAW emotion and REAL expression of a moment; be it in fashion, portraiture and music. Please do not be confused, I am a PHOTOJOURNALIST but I can do other things. “Fashion Photography” just happens to be one of them but it’s definitely not my trade. I shoot ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that makes sense to me. I’d rather be labelled a PORTRAIT photographer because that’s what I enjoy the most. I’d actually hug you and kiss you on the forehead if you choose to address or introduce me as such!!! ☺ ☺ ☺

    Neo Ntsoma

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