Pharrell things: Nutritionist says water yam slows down aging process

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According to Hajiya Jummai Abdul, a nutritionist, water yam slows down the process of aging and also boosts the immune system.

She further said that water yam, due to its fibre, vitamin C and antioxidant content helps to suppress blood sugar and is thus good for diabetic patients.

“The fresh roots of water yam contain good amount of antioxidant and Vitamin C. The vitamin C in water yam plays so many roles in anti-aging, immune function, wound healing and bone growth.

“Also, it contains small amount of vitamin E and beta-carotene level. The tubers are in deeded one of the vegetable rich sources that has a lot of minerals, like copper, it has calcium, it contains potassium, iron and also phosphorus; these are all essential elements contained in water yam.

“It’s good for diabetic patients; it suppresses the blood sugar because of the high fibre content.’’

Abdul also said water yam was a good source of the Vitamin B complex and energy, among others.

She explained that anything that had fibre could help to prevent constipation and also reduce pain for pile patients “because when it comes to bowel movement, you have hard stool, but by the time you eat water yam, the stool softens because of the fibre content.’’ (Vanguard)




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