Our Two Favourite Baby Making Sex Positions

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While there isn’t any hundred percent certain baby making sex position, the following ideas might work in helping you get pregnant faster and more easily.

Missionary: place a pillow under ur hips while you have sex and after he has reached orgasm, stay put for about forty-five to sixty mins after. By this time, the semen would have turned liquid-like and your uterus would easily well situated to help the sperm reach the egg. As much as this position isn’t hundred percent guaranteed to make babies, it sure works like magic in most cases.

-Doggie: this position benefits women with tilted cervix or uterus. “During doggie style, the uterus and cervix are lifted and level with the vaginal opening. The man enters with deeper thrusts and deposits sperm closer to the cervix” says Stacy Rybchin, founder of My Secret Luxury.

This position doesn’t only enable deeper penetration, the sperm don’t even need to travel far with this position in that they access the egg faster.



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