Oprah Winfrey in tears as she receives Harvard doctorate degree

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One of the most influential women in the world, Oprah Winfrey, was in tears, today as she received a honorary doctorate degree from Harvard University during the university’s 362nd commencement.

The ceremony brought tears or emotion to the 59-year-old media titan as she received her honorary doctorate degree.

Oprah has her own television network — OWN — and has an estimated net worth of $2.7 billion.


Segun Adekoye

Segun Adekoye

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  1. Oprah Winfrey is beyond Amazing. Oprah has the magic touch, when it comes 2 Life,Spirit, Soul, & genuine HEART. Oprah is the Air that I breathe and 2 know her is 2 love her. She IS the HEART & SOUL AMERICA must learn to have & 2 hold but more than anything else, we should ALL look up 2 her as a model 2 truly understand the meaning of life, love, loyalty, friendship, sincerity, truth, happiness, generosity, faithful, & someone we should all try 2 be more like! If we were all more like OPRAH….. THIS WORLD WOULD BE A BETTER PLACE! God Bless YOU, OPRAH!!!! I will ALWAYS <3 YOU! Congratulations on Your new success! Your doctorate degree. You never cease 2 amaze me! I plan on meeting you very soon, if The Good Lord Is Willing!!!! I have high hopes, Big Dreams & unending Expectations!

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