OMG: Fan Attacks Justin Beiber at Dubai Concert

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Oops! The roof almost gave in. That was a close shave. I wonder what Justin Beiber must have been thinking after an overzealous fan ran onstage during his performance at his show in Dubai on Sunday, May 5. The man ran on stage during ‘Believe’ and tried to grab Justin and knocked the piano over, according to a source. However, security guards were around to quickly curtail further damage to the show.

In footage shot by a fellow fan in the audience, Bieber was at the piano when the fan rushed onto the stage to grab him, and in his attempt to flee from the security guards, the stage stormer knocked the piano off its hinges so that it was upended in the middle of the stage.

Bieber and his band managed to finish off the song without further incident, however, and later returned to the stage for an encore performance of “Boyfriend” and “Baby.”



Source | USmagazine


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