MusedMinds: The Price

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Lothar came out of the warehouse, sensing Slensky’s presence just behind him. He walked briskly, seeking to avoid any smalltalk his assistant might want to bring up. He’d had a very bad day, and the events of the evening had messed it up even more. The deal with Grevnesky hadn’t gone as well as he’d wanted it to. In fact, it hadn’t gone well at all.

Grevnesky was a very greedy man, and had wanted more than Lothar wanted to pay for the package. They’d had an agreement, but the greedy Russian, who didn’t even show up, sent his right hand man Krevchenko to give Lothar the message. Lothar had been pissed. His jaws had been clenched as he grit his teeth, trying not to show his anger. He had seen Slensky reach under his jacket for his weapon but had signalled him to keep calm. Grevnesky wasn’t a man anyone wanted to go to war with, and Lothar wouldn’t be the fool that did such a thing.

Goran was waiting by the car when the two men reached it, smoking a cigarette and typing furiously on his iPhone. He quickly threw away the stub and opened the door for Lothar as they approached the vehicle.

“Naah, close the door and give me the keys”

Goran looked surprised but did what was asked. His boss had never asked for the keys before. But he wasn’t going to disobey.

“Now I want you both to go back to the house and await my instructions.” Lothar said as he entered the car, kicked the engine and drove off, leaving his two subordinates staring and wondering.

While Lothar drove, he thought. He thought about the stuff Mr Taribo, the Nigerian, told him. Taribo had been correct. Taribo had told him Grevnesky wouldn’t keep true to his words. He had disbelieved before, but not anymore. He called Mr Taribo.

“Goodevening, Mr Lothar.” the man at the other end said in Russian, with a heavy African accent.

“Goodevening Mr Taribo. You were right.”

“You can’t say I didn’t warn you, Mr Lothar”

“Yes, you did. Which is why I have chosen to take the next course of action. As agreed”

“Are you sure about this Mr Lothar? There is no going back once the decision has been confirmed.”

“Yes,” Lothar said, “I am.”

There was a long pause at the other end of the line. Lothar was beginning to think the. Nigerian had dropped his phone and left.

“Very well, Lothar. You know where to meet me.”

The Nigerian ended the call. Lothar was already halfway to where he was meant to meet with him. His heart began to beat faster, as he thought about what he had just done, and anticipated the outcome of his decision.

A few minutes later he arrived at the abandoned storehouse to find two cars already parked with headlights blaring towards him. He slowed down until his car came to a halt, and deftly reached under the car seat for his hidden weapon. He tucked it into his right foot boot and stepped out of the car, his headlamps blaring back at them. He kept the engine running. He didn’t trust te Nigerian enough to feel relaxed enough to switch it off.

Mr Taribo stepped out of the abandoned storehouse, accompanied by an elderly man of black skin too. His hair was all white and he looked like he was 102 years old. Lothar stood 10 feet from his car and let them approach him. He felt the weight of his gun in his right ankle and was comforted by it. But he saw little threat an old aged man and one flimsy looking Nigerian coud offer.

“Mr Lothar, this is the man I told you about. He is Lord Seberus. My Lord, meet Lothar” Taribo said gesturing towards the German.

Lothar and the old man observed each other for a bit, none speaking. He had grey pupils, shining in the night. His brows narrowed, his nose big and lips pursed. The look in his eyes might have been frightening to any other person, but not Lothar. He had met many evil men in his life, so much that he had gotten used to that supposedly frightening look. And just as Lothar looked the man deep in his grey eyes trying to dare him with a defiant stare, he realized the quietness that had ensued around them. He no longer heard the sound of his car engine running. He looked back, and saw darkness. His eyes widened with horror. He looked to his front again and right in his face was Lord Seberus staring at him. He gasped and tried to take a step back but couldn’t. Lothar had never experienced such sorcery before. He never knew such things existed. It had all been thoughts of fantasy to him in the past. But now, he believed. The Nigerian had told him that he would, and he had doubted.

“I will give you what you want. But I must get a soul in return.”

Lothar stared into the piercing eyes of Seberus. He felt an amazing aura oozing from the old man with the wrinkled face. He knew he had to make right on that decision. He had accepted earlier when Taribo had asked. There was no going back. Lothar grit his teeth and whispered an affirmative answer.

“LOUDER!” Seberus bellowed with a thundering voice.

Lothar was shaken, but found the courage to give an edible answer.

“Whose soul shall thou bring on to Lord Seberus?”

Lothar hadn’t thought of an answer yet. He didn’t know what to say. But the menacing look on Seberus’ face made him think fast at that very moment.

“Mine.” Lothar said.

Lord Seberus seemed surprise at the answer, as his brows rose and his eyes lost its menacing look for one of wonder.

“It is done.” He finally said, and Lothar saw him dissappear in white blinding light and lost his eye-sight for the moment. When he opened it again, he was sitting in his car and driving towards the abandoned storehouse. The cars that had been parked earlier were gone. The place was extremely quiet. Except for the crickets.

“what have I done?” Lothar asked himself, with his hands on his head.

As Lothar drove towards home, wondering what woud happen next, he received a call on his cell phone. Goran was calling.

“what is it, Goran?”

“Boss, Grevnesky is here and wants to speak with you.”

Lothar’s mind raced as he thought of what could have happened.

“Give him the phone, Goran”

Grevnesky’s unmistakable voice was heard at the other end. He sounded defeated when he told Lothar that he had delievered the package, free of any charge. Lothar couldn’t believe his ears. The man who had been asking for more money an hour  ago had just suddenly changed his mind? The thought of Lord Seberus crossed his mind and fear gripped him. Grevnesky went ahead to apologize for the little misunderstanding before returning the phone to Goran, who was inquiring from his boss what needed to be done. Lothar was dumbfounded. His thoughts erratic as he drove on. His body had begun to shiver. His death was imminent. He had offered his soul to the devil. His death was imminent.

“No, you shall not die.” Lord Seberus said from the backseat in Lothar’s car.

Lothar, out of great fear stepped on the breaks, and the car skidded and lost control. The vehicle veered off the road and smashed into a nearby tree trunk. Lothar hadn’t been wearing a seatbelt. He felt himself being thrown out of the car’s windshield and felt the great impact as his face crashed against the same tree trunk. He felt his neckbones break and he knew this was his death. He knew the end had come.

But Lothar did not die. He stood up, not far from the entire wreckage that his car had become, and felt himself. No broken bones. No bruises. No cuts or bleeding at all. Lothar looked at his hands, and watched them shiver. That evil voice bellowed again…


Then there was silence.



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