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“She is ready.” Laro finally announced
“Please! I beg you! I’m sorry!” Yingi lamented.
“Where is the shaven hair?” Seignior asked.
“It is here Seignior” Laro answered.
“Why? Why isn’t it in her meal?” Seignior asked angrily.
“I’m sorry Seignior” Laro answered hurriedly with his head bowed in respect and remorse.
“Please have mercy! Please!” Yingi continued to lament.

“Quiet!” Seignior screamed. His voice rang through the room like a bell as he jumped out of his seat to the effect. Everywhere went quiet. So quiet, one could already perceive his overwhelming anger.

“Which one of us is talking to you?” He asked sternly.

There was no response.

“Didn’t you hear me?” He asked again, this time, rushing as though to hit her. His boys ran towards him to calm him. Suddenly Yingi’s emotions burst out uncontrollably.

“I’m… I’m… sorryyy…” She squeaked quietly as mucus blotted out of a nostril.

The tears had made her heavy layers of cosmetic foundation and facial powder obvious – leaving different stream patterns on her face like zebra prints. She tried to spit out the strand of hair in her mouth but that even got things messier. She tried curling herself again like her legs could possibly fold any further. A miracle; A miracle she wished, a miracle she wanted. How she got into this mess was the question lingering on her lips as they tried to mutter inaudible words. The tears wouldn’t stop pouring – she wished for an explanation.

“When you had my brother killed, were you sorry! Were you?” Seignior asked again angrily.
“Your brother? I don’t know your brother” Yingi replied surprised.

Seignior took out a photograph of his brother from his pocket and waved it in Yingi’s face. He paced up and down the room fuming and panting. He brought the picture to her face again.

“This is my brother! Do you remember him now? Do you?” He asked as he struck her in the face instantly.
“How dare you lie to me?” He asked as he fumed.
“I’m sor… ry.” she whispered again, as she spat blood out of her mouth.

Her head was forced to face the floor from the gravity of the slap. She struggled to cry softly, holding her breath when it felt like her wails would get too loud. She snorted loudly nonetheless, as she finally got the courage to look at Seignior’s face.

“It was… a mistake. It wasn’t supposed to happen. He was a collateral dam…”

“How dare you speak of my brother like that?” He asked angrily. He made out to punch her but hit the wall instead. Yingi cringed in pain. For sure she was a dead meat.

“Take this filth out of my face!” Seignor yelled.

Indeed Zuba wasn’t supposed to die. This was the setback with working for Denjao. You always get the blame. The instruction was to raid the house and get the documents that stood as a threat to Denjao. This document would have implicated Denjao in his forthcoming campaign as president of the Oil Services Union. He couldn’t take any chances.

Yingi was the underdog – The one to bear the brunt and clean the mess. She had the intentions of denying the favor but then, that would mean being a victim in less than a week. It was tough but not impossible. Her order specifically to her boys was to clear everything that stayed in the way. It seemed like the most feasible thing to do… and no one had mentioned to her that Zuba had a brother even her “boys” would be unable to save her from.

“Make sure none of my brother’s hair is left,” He said quietly.
“She must eat it and understand the very essence of life” He continued saying as he left the building.




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