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Hi, again. Guess what? The summer movie season has officially started with the release of Iron Man 3 in the US over the weekend. Those in the UK and other parts of the world got to see it a week before me but that’s okay.


Iron Man 3 Plot: “Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) uses his ingenuity to fight those who tear apart his private world and soon goes up against his a very formidable terrorist: the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley).”

Official Trailer 1

Official Trailer 2

Let me start by saying “Holy S*&t” that was a good movie. No really it was. I finally found time in my busy schedule to go and see the movie and I was in awe. Shane Black (director) really did his thing. I thought not having Jon Favreau direct since he directed the last two will be a change but no, we still had our fun loving egomaniac Tony Stark/Iron Man that everyone loves to hate/ hates to love (whatever way you swing).


For those that know me, they know I have the biggest superhero crush on Iron Man. Like, dude is effing awesome, and we all love him, don’t we.

IRON MAN 3 Featurette – Advancing the Tech

Anyway, the movie starts out awesome and finishes epically; everything connects to the events in the Avengers giving us a glimpse of what is to come concerning Iron Man in the Avengers sequel.  Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) has finally come center stage and is very integral to the story. Ben Kingsley is Ben Kingsley at his best and We all love Guy Pierce. Not to give out any spoilers but Not all is as it seems.

If you saw it over the weekend or previously, let us know what you think about the movie, its nice to read someone else’s thoughts for a while. Don’t forget the Great Gatsby is out next weekend. Be Sure to hit the Cinemas.


The Mandarin’s Extremis Explained

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