When it comes To Shoes, Charles Oputa Jnr has Got you!

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His Dad might be the popular Charly Boy Oputa, but Alexander Charles Oputa Jnr knows his onions. Clearly distinguishing himself from the norm and refusing to be sheltered under the umbrella of his father’s success, Alexander has found solace in Fashion.


He is the C.E.O of Retail Therapy Shoe lounge in Abuja, which currently caters to the needs of women from all works of life. Retail Therapy boasts of a consistent and on-time delivery of high end designer shoes all across Nigeria.  His clientele spans a huge list of socialites, Celebrities and Entertainers, Business women and students.

Alexander Oputa, a Major in Business Marketing and Management from South Carolina State University, is presently focused on providing excellent shoe delivery services to women across Nigeria.  Also a fashion designer at heart, he hints that he is not looking to design his own shoes just yet.  After living in the States for a long time, he relocated to Nigeria a couple years back to focus on his shoe store RETAIL THERAPY in Abuja. I sincerely wished there was going to be the slightest chance of having the Shoe lounge open in Lagos but when asked about this, the young entrepreneur said:

“Lagos has got too much of the hustle and stress that i am not sure i can deal with. I currently have shoes delivered to my customers outside Abuja and this for now is preferable. I used to live in New York for a while and had to move to Atlanta cause i couldn’t cope in the busy city. Its sorta like that with Lagos and Abuja. I think as long as i can keep my customers satisfied, and continue with on-time delivery then it doesn’t really matter where Retail Therapy is”


I’m sure just like me, you’d wonder how a guy like Alexander has settled on dealing in Fashion especially women’s shoes. He did attribute this to his attraction to good looking women. Just when you didn’t think the guys are watching our every move with style, they actually are! And he points this out.

“One time i was at a club in Abuja, i had just got back from Atlanta and it was my first time going out in Abuja.  Normally before I talk to a girl I “scan” them … Shoes to face. No good shoe game no face time . So I was very disappointed with the kinds of shoes i noticed on most of the ladies. So since then I decided to ” improve the taste ” … Indirectly helping ladies become the taste I would think any dude would appreciate cause I would appreciate a woman who takes her time to wear a clean , well worn Jeffrey Campbell pump. If you take your time to look good , it means you care about your body and that’s the body I would like to represent”  He says with laugh

Retail Therapy does cater to an every-woman type niche. And so of course we wanted to know what type of woman made him more shoe sells. I was expecting the Entertainment or Celebrity niche to take on the toll, but Alexander was of a different opinion.

“Trust is a very profitable niche.” He says “It could be as simple as they knowing that i got what shoes they (customers) need without even knowing that they need it. I have run Retail Therapy in such a way that trust is earned first, especially since most of my customers live outside Abuja. I do think we have done a pretty decent job at that.”

QUESTION: You seem to know exactly what a woman wants in shoes. Can this be attributed to a close relationship with a female? Your Mom? Sisters?

ALEXANDER: “Its not really what females want. It’s what I want on a female . It just happens that they like it more. So u could say they appreciate being noticed and really why look good if not to attract the opposite sex . Having a guy say ” that’s hot ” when you know he only appreciates football. LOL”

Asked whether he had plans of designing his own shoes, Alexander says he would much rather focus on selling shoes.



Personally I am a huge lover of shoes and i just could not help but notice Retail Therapy. A friend introduced me to RT and after my first couple of orders, i was hooked! I’m sure you already know how difficult it is to get proper shoes in Nigeria. Lagos alone is flooded with all types of cheaply manufactured replicas sold at  high prices as originals and it is basically a strain shoe shopping. What Alexander does with Retail Therapy is simply commendable and if you love shoes as much as i do, you’d be thrilled by how effortlessly easy Shoe shopping with Retail Therapy is. It is as simple as typing away at my Blackberry and getting my shoes sent to Lagos from Abuja in days! What’s more? They are all very affordable! Terrific eh?

Go on! Have Retail Therapy deliver shoes right at your door! Call RT on +23468775373.

Below are some of the shoes currently available at Retail Therapy


Jeffery Campbell


Jeffery Campbell
DSquared, Giuseppe Zanotti



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