Meet the 60 shortlisted beauties for Miss Nigeria (Photos of contestants)

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The faces you’ll see below the cut are the 60 shortlisted girls, picked from around the country by the Miss Nigeria beauty pageant judges.

The judges chose the ladies based 0n their character, poise, personality and composure.

They judges will select just 36 of them to progress to the next round of the pageant.

Till the judges make theirs though, feel free to make yours! Which of these ladies catches your eye?



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  1. OMG! Akudo E. Is the prettiest, wow we’ve got to vote herr in abeg, ahan such beauty. These r d finest set of girls o since d commencement of this pagent

  2. Behold the sophistication of beauty in Chukwuani Thelma! Unique! keep it up girl. you are my number one

  3. I like Ezinne Anyaonha.zinny when God created you,He was showing off,you are a quintessence of beauty.Girl you rock

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