Mannie Fresh ends beef with Cash Money – “I’m too old to be making diss songs”

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Former Cash Money producer Mannie Fresh has decided to call his beef with Birdman over, saying he was too old to be making diss songs.

While he says he does not have issues with Birdman, Mannie still feels the record label owes him something.

In an interview with MTV, 44-year old Mannie Fresh said, “I’m too old to be making dis songs. I’m too wise to be making shots at anybody, but my thing is I’m a business man at the end of it.”

Back in 2012, Mannie had said the issues with Cash Money would last forever as long as they sold material that had Mannie Fresh on it.

“We still have money issues. We will always have them, as long as Cash Money is selling anything that has Mannie Fresh on it. ‘Til this day, I’m like, “Dude, what’s going on? Where are the statements for this?” There’s always some kind of complication, that’s all I can say,” Fresh said in an interview. “Everybody has to get paid. It would be something large if Cash Money did a tour with the first generation of artists, but with everything that’s happened, we need money upfront and on top of that we all need our own attorneys. You don’t get my money and pay me-I get my money directly.” (Billboard)



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