Lack Of Sleep Responsible For Low Sperm Count

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Too little sleep has been cited over the years to be one of the numerous causes of serious ailments like heart disease and stroke but very recently, a study carried out by researchers from the University of Southern Denmark has shown that insufficient rest can cause a drastic reduction in male fertility.

The study further states that lack of sleep cannot only be responsible for low sperm count but also shrinking testicles.

Experts believe that the required number of hours for sleep in a night is between seven to eight hours and anything less than that over a period of time is harmful to the body.

Low sperm count has been attributed to a lot of factors in the past, part of which include poor lifestyle and diet but not until recently did this theory published in the American journal of epidemiology include lack of proper sleep as part of the reasons.

Scientists quizzed a thousand men from their late teens or early twenties in their sleeping routines and then took their sperm samples for quality check. The results revealed that men who didn’t sleep as much as they should, slept late and who wake lots of times in the night had their sperm count twenty-nine percent lower than the ones who had no problems sleeping.

These tests also showed that their testicles were significantly smaller. In a report, scientists have said the reason why lack of sleep is responsible for low sperm count is unclear but that men who had an unhealthy sleeping life were less healthy. They drink more, smoke more and had less healthy lifestyle.

It has however not been proven that more sleep improves this situation.



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