Justin Timberlake – “I punch pillows to keep calm”

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Justin Timberlake has admitted that he punches pillows to keep calm.

“I use everything as therapy. I play golf, write songs, punch pillows,” he smiled in an interview with British magazine Star. “We”ve all done it. You get so mad that you punch a wall and then you break your hand or something. It”s like the dumbest thing we do as humans.”

Justin appears as Johnny in the movie Trouble with the Curve, which also stars Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams.

The star thinks complicated on-screen characters are more interesting to play.

“We don”t want to go to the movie theatre to watch people be perfect,” he explained. “We think we”re going to escape, but what we really start doing, as soon as the first frame of the movie starts rolling, is we look to relate.

“I love this movie – it treats you like you”re intelligent and humorous and have a heart.”

In Trouble with the Curve, Clint plays an ailing baseball scout who takes his daughter Mickey – played by Amy – along for one last recruiting trip.

She falls in love with Justin”s character and the star has revealed the beauty of the plot.

“It”s a beautiful love story. The thing we see in Mickey and Johnny”s relationship, as it starts to form, is that they become friends first – there”s this slow burn to it. Anything that lasts doesn”t come quickly,” he said. (MusicNews)



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