Jim Iyke Responds To His Ex-fiance Kenturah Hamilton’s Accusation

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Sometime ago, After airing the first episode of Jim Iyke Unscripted, his ex-fiance Kenturah Hamilton came out with accusations that it was scripted and all was not well between Jim Iyke and herself. Jim Iyke has responded to defend himself. In his words:

“I am sure you saw part of the clips. Somebody sped off and jumped inside the river. That was a friend of mine. I don’t think anybody will accept a script in order to die.

I don’t ever think anybody could have scripted that. If it was scripted, we would make sure that the lightning, the angles at which we shot was right.

The dark pictures and angles at which it was shot is an evidence that it was not scripted. As soon as I wake up and I am ready to go out, they clip something in my jacket to record every conversation that I made throughout the day. There’s nothing hidden.”


But then again, bad boy Jim only addresses a part of the problem. He doesn’t talk about the “bad boy” allegations, affirming its truth or lies.

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