How Manly Is Your Man

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Over the years, different debates have sprung up on the things that make a man a manly man and not a fag. These debates are probably one of the most discussed debates in human history and maybe one of the most ridiculous.

Most women have come to agree to some things that make a man manly and these things, albeit trivial, seem to be widely accepted by women of different races and colour all over the world.

Want to find out what these things are? Easy;

1. A man should know how to kill roaches, rodents, ants and whatever household pest that is. If he jumps in fright like his woman would, then he has fallen short of expectation and he has worse, lost his manliness. He is expected to deal with the pests and show his woman she is safe around the house when he is there. He is expected to save the day. Anything short of this and he is no manly man.

2. He should know how to fix bulbs, small electrical appliances and any other thing that needs fixing around the house. A woman expects her man to step in and help the situation by performing some magic and putting the faulty things in good condition. It doesn’t matter if he is a knowledgeable or not. Those things just must get fixed.

3. He should know how to change car tyres. Oh, if he has no idea how to do this then he just can’t be manly. He must be a fag not to know how to change car tyres. Men are expected to be delivered from heaven with an in built manual that lists tyre changing(admist other chores) in their “know how” list.

4. He must know how to rock his woman’s world in bed. I mean let’s face it, what makes a man a man if he can’t make his woman moan and forget her name while he pleasures her? Even men would agree with women all over that is the ultimate man’s manliness.




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