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The spanking new edition of HALA magazine is out for grabs and it’s FREE! HALA Magazine is a free quarterly health-focused lifestyle magazine designed to engage, enlighten and entertain its readers and by this means, address the issue of health ignorance within Africa.

Editor’s Ink

The disease entity known today as malaria has been in existence for over four thousand years. Ancient Chinese medical writings had documented its characteristic symptoms as far back as 2700BC. A cursory look into the archeology and history of civilizations across the globe maps malaria in a central position as the disease had widespread effects, depopulating societies and war camps alike. In addition to the striking similarity of the symptoms, swampy grassy environment was observed to be another common denominator. This discovery birthed the first postulate that the disease was caused by the air vapour arising from the swampy areas and before long, the Italians christened the disease to be called Mala-Aira meaning “Bad Air” which present day English language now translates as Malaria.


Clearly we have come a very long way today; we now know that the mosquito-borne disease is not only treatable, but that it is Preventable, and history proves that it can be eradicated. Several countries have successfully eradicated malaria but it is still a huge burden across Sub-Saharan Africa. This edition’s spotlight on malaria focuses on Nigeria where the Ministry of Health declares that 60% of all hospital presentation is due to malaria. As aptly crafted by Prof. Wellington Oyibo, clinical malaria and its complications have become an all too familiar smooth operator largely because its prevalence in this area has caused diverse misconceptions among the general populace, and even among some healthcare providers. What many people do not know is that malaria in a regular adult does not tantamount to malaria in a child under five years of age. Similarly, malaria in pregnancy is a completely different ball game.

Featured articles are loaded with practical healthy-living tips useful for everyday life and applicable to everyone because our passion is to make health talks fun!

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… And you’ll be shocked at how little you know about MALARIA! Hurry up and grab your own free copy and share with it with friends and loved ones.

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HALA Magazine

HALA Magazine

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