First Bank spotlights 4 important products for the 21st Century Nigerian

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In Nigeria’s ever-blooming population hold-ups are a necessary evil, ATM queues are unavoidable and every thing else looks set to hamper your transactions. This century battles against speed. Speed competes with precision. Accuracy is the currency. Time is the denominator. First Bank steps in to balance it all.

The leading bank, in a recent product fair unveiled four major products that are must-haves for every Nigerian who looks to have the bank’s signature speed and accuracy right in their comfort zones without having to contend with the queues and whys.

  1. Expression on cards: For the image-conscious Nigerian who likes to be unique, is stylish and loves details. This is a product that allows you to put whatever image you want on your Debit Card. It gives you the flexibility to design your own ATM card right on your personal computer. The card features a chip-and-pin card which is internal standard for its security benefits. Valid for 2 years, you can receive alerts on all transactions. It is a MasterCard, hence is globally accepted on all payment terminals. Cards is usually ready in 5 working days. You can get yours on
  2. FirstMonie: It would be surprising to learn that you have a mobile phone and you are not using FirstMonie yet. This is a mobile payment service by First Bank for customers who have a mobile phone. With FirstMonie, you can send money to anyone, buy airtime, withdraw money, pay bills, shop etc. You can send money to any phone and any bank. Receiver doesn’t have t be registered on FirstMonie. You can withdraw money recieved from the ATMs, from a first monie agent and from any FirstBank branch. Firstbank has about 8000 locations where FirstMonie can be accessed. It is even interesting to note that you can also shop with FirstMonie at The Spar, Park n Shop and Sweet Sensation. You can also link your FirstMonie wallet to your FirstBank account. What this service does is to practically take the stress of going to the bank off you. Any phone can enjoy the services of FirstMonie. All you need to do is to dial *894# on any of the mobile networks to access the service. You can also access it online via and FirstMonie is also available on apps for downloads via or
  3. First Travel Card: How would you feel if all the cash you needed to carry as your personal or business travel allowance were all put into a card for you so that you will never have to worry about theft or robbery. You will never have to sleep with an eyelid open and your hands eternally clasped on your pockets. First Travel Card is a non-personalized card that is domiciled in Dollars. It was created for frequent travelers who do not want to carry cash. It is a visa card and it is acceptable worldwide. It is for PTA and BTA users. It is easy to acquire, reloading is easy, usage of the card on pos and ATM terminals is free. It is accepted worldwide. 
  4. FirstOnline – Internet banking: First Bank understands that you want want security, convenience, online monitoring of accounts, transfer of funds within and outside the banks and more. Hence, the need for you to use FirstOnline, First Bank’s internet banking service. This service helps you to transfer funds within and outside the bank, recharge phones, pay bills, confirm cheques online, access your account info as well as download bank statements.

If you are a youth looking for a bank that can deliver as fast as you want, when you want or you are a business man whose business needs cutting-edge technology in banking services, First Bank’s got what you need.


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