Expo: Karen Igho gives prospective housemates tips on surviving in the house

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World PR’s most celebrated patron of Nigeria Karen, was featured yesterday on Africa Magic Entertainment platform. The Big Brother Amplified winner was asked a few survival tips during her stay in the BBA house.

She clearly stated she went in with God all the way, her very ‘number one ‘ secret, plus her balanced moral and Christian foundation, which enabled her scaling through to the finals not a hard nut to crack.

She was Asked if she had any mental strategy prior to getting into the house, Karen stated she was oblivious to the BBA pedigree, but was ready to take on any hurdle and cross each of them seamlessly by being herself and sticking to her tradition, her culture, her integrity and most of all her faith foundation.

Finally, she wished all the intending housemates all the best, advising them that just being who they are with God on their side, would stand them out in every way.

Karen is a multi-talented, Reality star-winner of Big Brother Africa (amplified) 2011, an actress, a business woman and a Presenter who is currently being managed by World PR is embarking on several projects catapulting her success beyond BBA. Aside from recording her own reality show “Knowing Karen”. She currently presents a session at Naija FM station. She’s also the face of Exquisite Magazine –Cancer (EMAC).

Karen Igho represents a total woman of forte and grace.

How did you survive the Big Brother house?
Nice question, to be honest I don’t know. God kept me going.

Is there anything you did mentally to prepare for the confinement with strangers?
I prayed and I told God ‘let your will be done’ for I had never watched Big Brother and didn’t know what to expect or do.

What kind of clothes should someone who is going into the house pack?
Whatever you are comfortable in and it makes your body look good.

Any tips for keeping your hair looking fresh for longer?
Make sure you take good care of your hair. Hair needs food too which is treatment, washing, steaming, oiling and keep it smelling fresh and nice.

What sentimental items should they bring?
A Bible and family pictures.

How do you make friends and allies once in the house?
I am so friendly people come to me but it’s not by force to have a friend. The best thing is to be on your own and be friendly with everyone.

How do you evade being put up for eviction?
LOL, you can’t! Everyone goes through that chopping board or hot seat. If you are good they nominate you and if you are bad, the same thing happens, so just keep it real and leave everything to God.

Any last words to housemates going in?
Yes, be real because Africa is watching and they can tell when you are faking it. Don’t go with a game plan, let God’s plan unveil for you, it is what it is at the end of the day. Good luck to this season’s housemates and may the best man or woman win.



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