Closet Nigerian: Keri Hilson makes a humongous bowl of Fufu (Photo)

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I’m beginning to think Keri Hilson is a Nigerian or she has Nigerian blood in her.

A few months back, she tweeted about her love for Flavour’s Nwa Baby, and now she’s making Fufu.

The singer posted the picture on her instagram page, captioning it “making fufu is a reaaal workout! gotta put your back into it!



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  1. Keri is dating a Ghanain American in Atlanta Georgia. She dances azonto, wears ankara and makes fufu because she’s been around her man’s family who happen to be Ghanaians NOT Nigerians. She has also been seen with friends who are originally from Liberia who may have had some influence in her love for fufu.

  2. She is dating Serge Ibaka. Dude is from Congo. Most of west and central Africa eat fufu or some variation of it.

  3. @Lola,

    Park well, my friend. Stop trying to compare Ghana on the same level with Nigeria. Keri Hilson has been to Nigeria twice & publicly declared her love for Naija music on twitter. Stop hating & trying to steal Naija’s shine. Bad belle go kill you. If you no like am go hug transformer.

  4. It’s a shame how people are fighting over her, like she’s a god… This page is talking about her willing to please her Congolese boyfriend from DRC by cooking fufu for him. It isn’t talking about her nationality. Matter fact, all I know is SHE IS AMERICAN (SHE WAS BORN IN AMERICA) knock it off people!! And if they were to have kids together, their kids would be CONGOLESE/AMERICAN nothing else… Sorry.
    Oh.. And..I’m wondering why people in Ghana think fufu is theirs… LoL it’s funny cuz almost all countries In Africa eat fufu. #IT’S AN AFRICAN THING. NOBODY’S…

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