Bloody Photos From The Murder Scene In Oscar Pistorius’ House

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Photos of the blood-spattered bathroom where Oscar Pistorius shot his girlfriend to death have surfaced on the web … and they could prove to be crucial pieces of evidence in the runner’s defense.

The pics were taken from outside the bathroom door in the Blade Runner’s South African mansion  … and show two bullet holes in the bathroom door … along with a pool of blood by the toilet … and a blood trail leading to the stairs.

Another pic shows blood drops on the stairs … where Oscar says he carried Reeva while trying to call for help.

Oscar admits he shot and killed Reeva Steenkamp on February 14 … but insists it was an accident.

In fact, Pistorius told investigators he grabbed his gun and fired 4 shots into the bathroom that night … but only because he thought an intruder snuck into his house and was hiding in the toilet. The holes in the door could back Oscar’s defense … that he truly didn’t know who was in the bathroom when he opened fire.

Of course, the person in the bathroom was Reeva — who ultimately died from her wounds. Oscar was arrested and charged with murder.



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